Cecilia Edwards

Consultant | Speaker | Author | Coach

Cecilia Edwards, a former rocket scientist and strategy consultant to Fortune 500/Global 1000 corporations, is a value creation expert providing strategic consulting and coaching support to entrepreneurs with businesses of all sizes.  She has worked with hundreds of entities to solve some of the most complex problems in our society.  As head of a local foundation, she led major civic projects in housing, health care, economic development/job creation, and school reform.

She worked with over 100 nonprofit executives to increase the capacity and sustainability of their organizations and headed the effort to launch a research institute.  Cecilia frequently serves as an advisor to private equity firms that invest in middle market companies and works with the CEOs to implement major company turnaround and integration efforts.

As a Partner at the boutique consulting firm, Everest Group, she provides thought leadership in the area of leveraging next generation IT solutions to drive value for the enterprise.  Cecilia is a key driver in helping large enterprises take advantage of the emerging As-a-Service trends.  (All viewpoints related to global services on this blog are Cecilia’s and do not necessary reflect the opinions of Everest Group.)