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I am on a mission to help people realize their potential to change the world and to equip them to do so. As a Partner at Wavestone, a global management consulting firm, I currently help some of the largest enterprises in the world with their most complex transformations.

Through a career spanning more than three decades primarily in business consulting, but also in the military, with non-profits, private equity, and a technology start-up, I have honed a critical set of skills:

  • Developing strategies to address complex and previously unsolved problems
  • Breaking down complex ideas into digestible components
  • Facilitating collaborations with groups of individual and organizational stakeholders
  • Leveraging technology to accomplish business and personal objectives

A lifetime of experiences has led me to direct those skills towards impacting societal change – caring for the world and caring about the people who live in it.

The Making of a World Changer

For a more complete overview of my career, you can check out my LinkedIn profile. What I share here are snippets of my journey that focus on world changing

Born and Raised in Washington, D.C.

Growing up in the nation’s capital meant being constantly exposed to politics. The belief was planted in me at an early age that the engagement of citizens was critical to the running of our nation. I understood that laws can and should be challenged, and when necessary for the benefit of our society, changed

Grecourt Gates at Smith College
Studied Math at Smith College

At Smith, I studied math not because I wanted to teach, but because it would teach me how to think and provide a foundation for solving problems in whatever field I pursued. While there, Professor Walter Morris Hale planted the world changing seed in me when he told me that the best part about teaching at the college was being around people who still thought they could change things.

Served as an Officer in the US Air Force

When my fellow service men and women and I were launching Titan IV rockets into space, we were not only having a rare experience, but we were developing a deep commitment to our mission to serve – serve our colleagues, our nation, and the world

Earned MBA from Berkeley

Before I started my business school journey, I made a commitment to myself, and shared in my application essay, to master consulting at a world class level and then I apply those same skills to other areas of society that needed but could not afford that level of strategic support

Mastered Consulting and Problem Solving at BCG

At BCG, I worked in just about every functional and industry practice area, mastering the skill of applying rigorous problem solving and strategy to a wide range of client problems. Through work with Michael Porter’s Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, I began to formulate ideas around the impact businesses’ decisions can have on the residents of the communities in which they operate.

Led Local Collaborations at the Foundation for Community Empowerment

I worked with Don Williams, then Chairman and CEO of Trammell Crow, to leverage his influence to transform lower income neighborhoods in Dallas. Acting as the convener of community leaders, government officials, business leaders, politicians, the academic community, and local foundations, we collaboratively tackled issues such as early childhood education, public school reform, affordable housing development, crime reduction, and community health

Leading Transformations and Global Initiatives at Wavestone

As part of a global firm focused on helping the largest enterprises with their most complex transformations, I have the opportunity to bring together all my prior strategy, problem-solving, collaboration, technology strategy, and digital transformation experiences, supported by resources in 8+ countries, to tackle societal issues, at scale, through collaborative transformation

The progress of the world will call for the best that all of us have to give

– Mary McCleod Bethune

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