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It takes all of us to change the world for the better

Our world is changing every day, and not always for the better. We have a choice to make – will we be bystanders, letting the changes happen to us, or will we be part of the change, driving towards the positive outcomes we desire?

I work with those committed to change – in businesses, communities, organizations, cities, countries, the world. Together, we work on some of the toughest problems — sustainability, mobility, poverty, public and early childhood education, health outcomes, affordable housing, and diversity. And, together, we’ve made a real difference. You can, too.

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Collaborative Transformation


Move from complaining about problems in our lives, companies, countries, and the world to engaging in effective problem solving in order to transform things to a more desirable state

Collective Capabilities

Stop limiting solutions to only what we individually are capable of, but think holistically and work in collaboration with other people, companies, organizations, governments, and countries to collectively and successfully achieve change

Leverage Technology

Avoid focusing on the negative aspect of technology by determining how we choose to use technology to accelerate the attainment of our goals

Inclusive Solutions

Create solutions that are accessible and applicable to stakeholders from diverse demographic, geographic, and sociographic groups and consider the broader implication for current and future generations and our planet

Current Initiatives

Efforts to equip world change

Freedom of Mobility Forum

I am currently co-leading the Wavestone effort as neutral third-party facilitator of the Freedom of Mobility Forum, initiated by Stellantis. The Forum is an international gathering focused on solutions for safe, affordable and sustainable freedom of mobility for everyone

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Collaborative Transformation

In a world where our individual actions are not having sufficient collective impact, we need a shift. By working together collaboratively, we can become problem-solvers who harness our collective capabilities and technology to provide significant societal change for all demographic, sociographic, and geographic groups across generations

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Countdown to The Business of Impact Podcast Launch

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

– Margaret Mead

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