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New York Times Tiny Love Story | No Test Needed

Today, I made my Dad cry – but in a good way!

I have a big story to tell, and I am working on a memoir. In fact, I have a first draft of about 75,000 words. I shared just a piece of that story with the Modern Love column editor for the NY Times, and today, my Tiny Love Story was published online. This Sunday, it will appear in print next to the main Modern Love essay in Sunday Styles.

My Dad needed to be the first person I shared this with. He was choked up as he read it and uncharacteristically at a loss for words. He then confessed through the phone that he was crying and said I had made his day.

Click on the link and scroll down to “No Test Needed” to read the 100 words that brought tears to his eyes and a huge smile to my face:

I also think this technically makes me a New York Times-published author, right?

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