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Episode 8 with David Lewis | Understanding the Real Problem

Why aren’t electric vehicles being adopted faster in the US?

That is the question this episode’s guest, David Lewis, researched as he built his AI-backed, green tech company, MoveEV.

He did not jump on the bandwagon to support obvious solutions, such as building more charging infrastructure. Instead, he studies the real barriers and partnered with enterprises and municipalities to address them.

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Show Notes

About the Guest(s):

David Lewis is the founder and CEO of MoveEV, a green tech firm focused on promoting electric vehicle (EV) adoption. With his own difficulties in selecting and taking advantage of available incentives for his EV purchase, Lewis formed ideas for his company. MoveEV aims to address the barriers to EV adoption and make EVs a part of company culture. Lewis has a background in sustainability and is passionate about reducing emissions and creating a more sustainable future.

Episode Summary:

In this episode, host Cecilia Edwards interviews David Lewis, founder and CEO of MoveEV, about the challenges and solutions for EV adoption. Lewis discusses the difficulties individuals and organizations face when trying to adopt EVs and how MoveEV is focused on making EVs part of company culture. The company offers fleet programs and HR EV adoption programs, along with reimbursement for charging at home. Lewis emphasizes the importance of services and human interaction in the early stages of EV adoption and how MoveEV’s software and project management tools help navigate the complexities of EV adoption. He also highlights the financial benefits of EV ownership, including lower maintenance costs and potential incentives. Lewis addresses the varying incentives and regulations by geography and the need for accurate and up-to-date information, which MoveEV provides through its software and expert team. He discusses the impact of EV adoption on carbon emissions and the importance of measuring and reducing emissions from commuting. Lewis also touches on the infrastructure challenges and the role of companies in installing charging infrastructure at home and in the workplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • MoveEV focuses on making EVs part of company culture through fleet programs and HR EV adoption programs.
  • Services and human interaction are crucial in the early stages of EV adoption, and MoveEV provides software and project management tools to navigate the complexities.
  • EV ownership offers financial benefits, including lower maintenance costs and potential incentives.
  • MoveEV helps companies measure and reduce their carbon emissions, with a focus on commuting emissions.
  • Infrastructure challenges exist for EV adoption, but MoveEV offers solutions such as reimbursement for charging at home.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Scaling is all relative, right? Right now we’re at the very beginning of this change, right? There’s 3% of the vehicles in the US are EVs. And so it’s brand new. We haven’t hit that inflection point. So you need some services, some handholding, some human, human, as you’re going through this learning process and that’s where we insert people, right?” – David Lewis
  • “There are many examples like this where it’s cheaper upfront and cheaper to own and operate. So I’m not going to argue the other side, and that’s where this is going.” – David Lewis


Listen to the full episode to gain more insights into EV adoption and the solutions provided by MoveEV. Stay tuned for more episodes of The Business of Impact for inspiring conversations with change-makers driving positive societal change.

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